Looking back at the Year 2022

The years seem to come and pass by so quickly. Here’s a short recap of the year 2022 in 99Fusion Timeline.

  1. January’22 : The year started with the Pandemic, lockdown was in place and we had to close our new office in NSP. The plan was to move to WFH and shift to our permanent office in Noida somewhere during March.
  2. February’22 : We opened our Noida Office. The team met there and we planned that the since the pandemic is going in-out we will start with a weekly joining. Rest of the time we will do WFH.
  3. March’22 : Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we could not continue in March. My child was hospitalised. I recall this as one of the worst time of my life so far, while the team worked I was unavailable for most of the time and work was seriously hampered.
  4. April’22 : We as a Team started meeting at my house. Alex would join in and we would work for few days.
  5. May’22 : We submitted our second item on the marketplace and there was constant improvements requested by the marketplace. We move to new server infrastructure.
  6. June’22 : Our item was finally approved and we pushed on to our second product.
  7. July’22 : Work load increases and we release updates on all items.
  8. August’22 : More updates and support increases multi-fold.
  9. September’22 : Our traffic peaks, we are receiving 5x the traffic we have had in recent months. We start getting big ticket clients.
  10. October’22 : We shift our support from in-house to SAAS based platform. Filled with holidays and celebrations.
  11. November’22 : We start off with our next product in the Project management space. Black friday sales, lots of inquiries.
  12. December’22: Our next product is ready to Kick off the coming year. Plan in motion to open office next year. Hiring Begins !

Happy new year to everyone ! Just a short re-cap of the year that went by.

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