2020 the year of pandemic

The year 2020 shook the world with the Covid Pandemic. The pandemic forced the world to think on its feet, improvise and create new innovative measures. The unprecedented complete lockdown that happened in India really shook us. Being in the online software business one might imagine that the impact would have been minimal but on […]

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Looking back at 2019 !

As we move to the new year 2020 it is important to not just look back on the year 2019 but the entire decade, to learn and improve in our coming years. Highlights of the decade 2010-2019 2010, domain is registered on Godaddy. 2011 Acquired 2012 VibeThemes registered account on Envato marketplace. 2013 […]

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Why Company Culture is Important?

Dec 17,19by Diana

Company Culture defines the company’s work environment. There are many aspects of company culture and it is equally important like other aspects. Basically a company is known for its work culture because a good work culture defines the personality of a company. It boosts employees efficiency and effectiveness. “Customers will never love a company until […]

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Teach your peers !

Peer learning has been known as the best way to teach things. You learn best from someone who is just like you, has the same doubts and similar learning styles. Teaching a peer not only clarifies their concepts but also teaches the peer who is instructing things. This is partly because the peer is aware […]

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Welcome Joinee !

Joining your first/new company is a great experience, its exciting and fun. It is a start of a journey and just like every journey you meet new people with different point of views, but it is important to keep your goal in sight. A goal does not necessarily have to be an achievement, it can […]

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