2020 the year of pandemic

The year 2020 shook the world with the Covid Pandemic. The pandemic forced the world to think on its feet, improvise and create new innovative measures. The unprecedented complete lockdown that happened in India really shook us. Being in the online software business one might imagine that the impact would have been minimal but on the contrary the impact of such lockdowns is huge.

While there were no immediate consequences, we were able to quickly shift gears, entire team started working from homes and we were running a site called Videoencrypt and used its servers to launch meetings. The meetings were recorded and used as a feedback to collect information.

The real challenge came in training the team on an entirely new technology which was the basis of our recent software upgrade. It was later learnt through feedback that this was the single most challenging part which impacted all team members and many members despite proper online training were clueless. Saturdays was made working after 3 months. Team members collected their iMacs from the office and setup in their homes.

Another challenge was to maintain employee efficiency which dropped drastically, there was even an unethical attempts like selling off confidential customer data and the overall lack in motivation prevailed. The home environments setup by various team members under various conditions are really not conducive for efficiency.

While we continued on our path and the challenges. Even when the lockdowns ended the immense fear and impact of a disease on lives was more than to take up. The metro lines did not open for a long time so we could not open the office in the year 2020.

Families are first, at 99fusion we take these values and uphold them, no job can have more meaning than any family. Luckily there were no critically ill among the team members or their families.

In 2020, we worked from office for 55 total days.

In all the year 2020 started with a lot of hope and promise and ended with a lot of things which we could have done had things happened not happened the way they did. Hoping for things to change in 2021.

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