How 99Fusion Team Is Working And Supporting You During Covid-19

Covid-19 is hitting all across the globe and has created a pandemic situation.

Living and working of people is badly affected and they are restricted by the government to go outside from the home.

People are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption in their homes and communities, as well as in their jobs.

Many corporations and businesses are in loss and are firing their employees to manage their wealth.

We at 99fusion value our employees and allow our team to Work From Home to provide you with better support and experience in this pandemic situation.

How Our Team Is Working From Home

Our mission is to create beautiful interactive products and integrated web solutions along with the support maintained by our valuable employees. We have provided full flexibility to our employees so that they can manage their time easily. Here are some of the experiences of our employees.

Anjali Rai (Sr. Software Developer)

It’s a mixed experience for me. Though it’s not a new thing, this is what I always wanted to experience. Now, I can easily work according to my convenience, and my commuting time is saved. It doesn’t matter if I want to work late at night or early morning. There is no more time boundation or limit(a 9 to 5 job).

Subham Gupta (Software Developer)

WFH is a nice experience when you have to work for a short time period, But at this corona time, we should also make sure to be healthy with your body too. The good thing about this is we can spend more time with our families which we can not do in normal working time.

Pratibha Singh (Software Developer)

The overall experience of WFH is good it has it’s advantages like we are save from virus, maintaining social distance, in the initial days it was very hard to manage the stuff but as time passes we become familiar with it and now we are used to managing our work in these circumstances but yes somehow it is affecting our coding side as we are not much included in the codes so I think it also has the impact on the individual performance.

Ritu Sehrawat (HR And SEO Executive)

As an HR, boundaries between the employees have been increased but my roles have become challenging. Now it’s time to pay attention to the way employees are being affected by the pandemic and I have to come up with a plan of action that makes sense for our employees based on existing resources and company goals.

Ashish Kumar (Content Writer)

Before COVID-19, life was segmented into two parts: in the office and at home. For me it was challenging to balance both, but now it’s been easy to be productive at work and spending quality time with the family. 


As the COVID-19 crisis is confronting our company with a large number of challenges over the short term. We adopted quick decisions of remote working and putting our best and in order to maintain productivity. It’s not the time to wait-and-see because, after the COVID-19 crisis, remote working will become the new normal.

We work with clients from all over the world.
We are based in D47, Sector-7, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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