Teach your peers !

Peer learning has been known as the best way to teach things. You learn best from someone who is just like you, has the same doubts and similar learning styles. Teaching a peer not only clarifies their concepts but also teaches the peer who is instructing things. This is partly because the peer is aware that the instructor might not know the concept in a wholesome manner and would ask questions which the Instructing peer might not be aware of. This act clarifies concepts, thus the more you teach the more you learn.

Experienced people should be good at teaching, leaders should be great teachers. This is a sort of pre-requisite to be called as “experienced”. However, being good at something is one thing and to be able to teach others is another. I strongly believe that people should be good at both to progress in life and communication plays an important role here. Thus good communicators have great following, good team builders and overall enjoy a respect among their peers.

Another aspect of teaching peers is you can try out new things while teaching. I strongly strongly recommend every teacher to try out new things everytime you’re teaching. There is no point in repeating same stuff again and again, you should enjoy your teaching experience and also gain from the time that you’re spending on your peers.

If you learn something new, tell it to others you will definitely get more insight. Use it in tasks that you’re doing to get a clear understanding of how new concepts work.

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