The Year 2021 in Review.

It is again the time to take a look back at the year and check our hits and losses. Just like there are lots of ups and downs in life, there are lots of ups and downs in a life of a company. This year was filled with mixed feelings started with a promise and ended with another hope.

Obviously one of the Core values at 99Fusion is that we connect with everyone and play as a Team. When faced with adversities we believe in each other and like any organic company exchange various roles and wear many hats.

The real values in life for any person should follow this order :

  1. Happiness
  2. Health
  3. Family
  4. Work
  5. Company. <– Obviously I placed this here. This is a company blog !

The pandemic have surely got us corrected, for those of us who though Work is most important, it was time to correct the order.

The year started with the Vaccines and a great new hope that the worst was over and it is time to restart. Last year, we made the bold move of upgrading our framework and if I say it was a difficult task it would be a gross understatement. The team was not ready for such a huge change, the customers were neither. The lack of training showed and the support was not at its best. However, with Vaccines it was just a matter of time when we would be opening our office and that impatience was growing.

We opened our new office in NSP, Delhi in Feb’21. The idea was to get our existing team on board the latest technologies very quickly to improve our support and prepare for new products that are to be launched in the year. The office was finalised and we started working in the new office. Every team member was vaccinated. During same time, 2 team members bought their houses so a lot of things were going on at the same time almost like we were eager to get the ball rolling.

In late April, early May the Pandemic hits. This is the time we realised what a Pandemic is supposed to look like. This was a disaster for us (first time I use this term in my life). Every team member was infected with COVID. You can not focus, everything – anything does not make any sense. Life / Lives are far more important than work. We shut our office and start working from home with low morale and testing times ahead. Meanwhile all over the world the covid crises was over but in India it was it its peak. We just couldn’t respond on messages, pre-sales, support everything suffered. Work almost came to a halt.

We started recruitment drive however there are far less number of applications willing to join an office, the expectations just changed. Many applicants wanted to join us for work from homes opportunity. So, the challenge appeared on how to train staff to work from home.

While we get tremendous support from our existing client base on the projects, we identified new opportunities and work towards it. This is one of the most exciting part to prepare for launch.

Just when you are prepared, a new variant shows up, at the end of the year again with mixed feelings. The only consolation is this variant is mild and there is hope that the year 2022 will be devoid of any covid setbacks.

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