Welcome Joinee !

Joining your first/new company is a great experience, its exciting and fun. It is a start of a journey and just like every journey you meet new people with different point of views, but it is important to keep your goal in sight.

A goal does not necessarily have to be an achievement, it can also be a process, like learn new stuff, or even finding a goal. The point is, that it is important to realise that every individual has a different objective and keep focus on what you’re here for.

You’re most likely going to encounter two categories of colleagues which you need to be careful of :

  1. Bata Na Chachu
  2. La Mai kardu Mamu

The first category “Bata Na Chachu” will always ask you for answers without doing his due diligence. Because their time is always precious than yours, they’ll always want you to find the answer for them. And at the end they would not even give you any credit because its their job and it does not matter if you did it for them.

The second category “La mai kardu Mamu” will always try to do your job when you do not even ask for their assistance. You’ll later realise how they pick up the easiest parts of the problem and the difficult parts are left for you and since you do not know the easier parts, you have no clue on how to approach the difficult parts of the problem.

Finishing is the most critical part.

If you ever wondered why 99 in 99Fusion then here’s the logic. The effort required to solve a problem from 0-99 is equal to the effort required from 99-100. Remember your good old school days, getting 90+ marks is easier than a full 100. So, if someone says they’ve finished 70%, it means they’ve just started ! Starting to work on a new problem is easy, its fun and exciting, till the time you stretch it far to long to get get bored and leave it unfinished and then it’s a disaster. Hence, “Deadlines”, set deadlines for any task that you take and finish it while the excitement is still alive.

Maintenance & Support is feedback to become better at development

Maintaining a project is hard. Its harder than building it. Because, you realise how your code is having issues in various scenarios which you did not imagine. You realise there is so much which can be done. Building every software comes with choices, the developer makes choices while building it, so its the developers responsibility to realise where his choices were wrong. Developing software is like giving a test and software support is like checking marks for that test. So, any development is incomplete without support.

With these thoughts, I welcome to our company 99Fusion. Hope you have a journey with us !

We work with clients from all over the world.
We are based in D47, Sector-7, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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